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The principal Migration Agent at MAVAS and director Michael Alcock (MARN: 1911731) is a former Visa Integrity Expatriate at the Australian Consulate-General, Shanghai. He understands the Home Affairs visa processing and analytical systems across the North Asia Region.  His insight into Home Affairs processing environment means our team can prepare our clients applications to the highest standards.


MAVAS Group strives to provide superior service to our genuine clients, while attempting to eliminate identity crime and misuse in Australia.


MAVAS adheres to the OCVIM Visa Integrity Framework model, an independent, non-government visa integrity and quality assurance process to ensure that our ‘genuine’ clients applications have the best possible success. Following the OCVIM model assists MAVAS to identity potential identify misuse or fraud.  

Following the MAVAS Visa Integrity Framework model we ensure that only ‘genuine’ clients applications are lodged. Utilising a reputable Migration Agent is key to your visa success. 


* OCVIM or MAVAS Group (We) do not  perform any Visa Integrity Checks on behalf of the Australian Government. 

* We do not screen applications on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs or any Australian Government body. 

* The OCVIM Model is an independent (no government approval) fraud detection and Quality process conducted independently by OCVIM and MAVAS Group Migration. 

* The Department does not officially recognise any certification or fraud/integrity checks conducted by OCVIM or MAVAS Group.





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Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) Appeals

Making an appeal to the AAT? MAVAS assists clients with:

Reviewing the Departments of Home Affairs Decision Record to ensure no jurisdictional error has been made.

Preparing your submission to the AAT to appeal the decision and provide support at the AAT hearing, to ensure all facts have been presented and understood by the AAT member.